Imagine a world devoid of music – a puritanical hell stripped of its vibrant soul. Music becomes the grand entrance and exit if our eyes are the windows to our inner being, flooding us with a kaleidoscope of emotions.

Now, add the enchanting allure of marijuana to this musical realm, and you’ve got a match made in heaven, surpassing even the bond between a wannabe dictator and their prison cell. Brace yourself as we unveil a captivating collection of mind-blowing tunes, a symphony transcending the Mary Jane narrative.

As an art form subject to personal interpretation, music acknowledges that not all choices resonate with everyone. We understand if you don’t fully agree with our selections—it’s what makes this stoned journey so fascinating! Therefore, we invite you, dear reader, to share your stoner classics in the comments below.

Without further ado, here they are—the crème de la crème of musical experiences to indulge in while embracing the high. Let the exploration begin!

1. Led Zeppelin – Ramble On

Prepare yourself for a rock n’ roll journey as we dive into the illustrious repertoire of Led Zeppelin, an iconic British band etched in the annals of music history. At the same time, their back catalog offers a treasure trove of choices for your elevated state.

We must pay tribute to the timeless masterpiece, ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ one of the most excellent compositions ever. Yet, amidst the haze of a profound high, ‘Ramble On’ emerges as a contender for a great song that might just surpass its legendary counterpart.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of ‘Ramble On’ as it gently sweeps you away with its mesmerizing guitar riffs and the weighty embrace of Robert Plant and his fellow musical craftsmen.

This gem is in Led Zeppelin II’s renowned album, gracing the world in 1969. Interestingly, Plant drew inspiration from the realm of The Lord of the Rings when penning the heartfelt lyrics that accompany this extraordinary creation.

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2. Tame Impala – Yes, I’m Changing

Hailing from the enchanting land of Australia, Tame Impala has carved their niche, often described as a captivating fusion of John Lennon’s introspective spirit and the ethereal aura of Pink Floyd.

Their brand of psychedelic rock has garnered an ardent following among the enlightened stoner community and cannabis world, with an array of songs primed to accompany your blissful state.

Among them, ‘Yes I’m Changing’ takes center stage, emanating from the depths of the band’s third album, Currents, released in 2015.

Here’s where it gets intriguing—primary band member Kevin Parker confesses that ‘Yes I’m Changing’ came into existence in a haze of mystery. He admits to the entire album without recollection of its creation, as if the song manifested from an alternate realm.

It was a peculiar experience where it felt like “someone else made the song.” Ostensibly, this poetic creation delves into the acceptance of past sorrows and pains, emphasizing the ever-changing nature of our existence—a profound contemplation wrapped in a melodic embrace.

3. Radiohead – 15 Step

Prepare to embark on a sonic adventure with the trailblazing UK band Radiohead. Known for their unconventional approach, they broke free from the clutches of major record labels with their seventh album, In Rainbows, released in 2013.

This masterpiece of alternative music embraces a rich tapestry of sound, featuring piano, electronics, and sand trings. One standout track, ’15 Step,’ possesses an atmospheric allure that transports you to otherworldly realms, even if you’re not under the influence.

Its rare 5/4 meter will defy your attempts to clap along, but you won’t mind—your senses will be too captivated by this awe-inspiring work of art.

4. Glass Animals – The Other Side of Paradise

Prepare to have your musical boundaries pushed by the mesmerizing British quartet Glass Animals. They have become renowned for their psychedelic soundscapes, leaving an indelible mark on every listener.

Their electrifying live shows infuse dance-worthy renditions of their songs, making for an unforgettable experience. ‘The Other Side of Paradise’ hails from their second studio album, How to Be a Human Being, which graced our ears in 2016.

Immerse yourself in the marvel of ‘The Other Side of Paradise,’ a song that builds steadily, only to plunge into breathtaking depths at the very end.

It’s like embarking on a thrilling journey that unfolds before your ears. In particular, when you’re in an elevated state of mind. Rumor has it that stoners have been known to hit the repeat button endlessly, unable to resist the intoxicating emotions this song evokes.

5. Bob Marley & The Wailers – Sun is Shining

No stoner playlist is complete without the legendary Bob Marley. “Sun is Shining” is an iconic reggae track that transcends time. Its uplifting rhythms and soulful vocals have made it a timeless anthem for stoners around the world.

This song played a significant role in bringing reggae fusion into the mainstream, and its positive vibes are perfect for enhancing your high and embracing the joy of life.

6. Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc.

Prepare for a mind-bending musical experience with Gorillaz and their hit song “Feel Good Inc.” This track is a sonic fusion of alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic elements, creating a unique and trippy sound.

Beyond its catchy hooks and infectious beats, “Feel Good Inc.” carries a powerful message of social commentary, critiquing the influence of consumerism and urging listeners to break free from its grip. Light up and let the mesmerizing visuals of the music video transport you to a whole new dimension.

7. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Indulge in the psychedelic soundscape of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb.” This iconic song from their epic album, The Wall, is a journey of emotions and musical brilliance.

From its gentle, introspective beginning to the soaring guitar solos that ignite the senses, “Comfortably Numb” captivates stoners with its introspective and transcendent atmosphere. Let the music wash over you, evoking a sense of euphoria and connection that only Pink Floyd can deliver.

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8. John Coltrane – In a Sentimental Mood

For those seeking the true artistry of jazz, John Coltrane’s “In a Sentimental Mood” is a must-listen. This beautiful and soulful composition showcases Coltrane’s saxophone mastery, transporting listeners to a world of sophistication and elegance.

With its smooth melodies and laid-back groove, this track provides the perfect backdrop for relaxation and reflection. Take a moment to savor the intricate musical nuances of the perfect song while enjoying a joint. Then, let the enchanting notes guide your thoughts.

9. The Doors – Riders on the Storm

Immerse yourself in the mystique of The Doors with their timeless classic, “Riders on the Storm.” This atmospheric psychedelic rock masterpiece embodies the band’s signature sound and poetic lyricism.

This song has haunting melodies, evocative lyrics, and the distinctive vocals of Jim Morrison. It conjures a sense of intrigue and introspection. Close your eyes, light up, and let the rain-soaked soundscape of “Riders on the Storm” transport you to introspective bliss.

10. Kid Cudi – Marijuana

Kid Cudi’s “Marijuana” is an unabashed celebration of the herb. This track, found on his album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, pays homage to the joys and effects of cannabis. Clocking in at exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds, it’s a playful nod to the 420 culture.

With its laid-back vibes, infectious rhythm, and catchy electric great guitar solos, “Marijuana” is a perfect addition to any stoner’s playlist. Let Kid Cudi’s smooth flow and unapologetic love for smoking weed or consuming marijuana edibles further enhance your elevated state of mind.


Music preferences when it comes to getting high can vary greatly, and that’s what makes it so fascinating. While the tracks mentioned in this list may not resonate with everyone, they certainly capture the essence of stoner culture. The list is short, and we can not cover all the songs. You can create a Spotify playlist of Wiz Khalifa to enjoy early on.

From Jimi Hendrix’s mind-bending guitar solos to Snoop Dogg anthem urging us to “smoke weed every day,” these artists have left an indelible mark in the past few years. Whether you prefer the ethereal melodies of “Strawberry Fields Forever” or the psychedelic journey of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, there’s a vast array of songs to explore while you’re elevated.

And don’t forget the soulful sounds of David Bowie or the introspective vibes of Frank Ocean. Music truly knows no boundaries. We’d love to hear about the songs that resonate with you when you’re stoned. Feel free to share your favorites and let the conversation groove!