Hi! I’m Danielle

Danielle Aviles with CBD oil

Hi, I’m Danielle Aviles, a CBD enthusiast, and the voice behind My CBD Story. I’m currently nestled in the heart of Vancouver, a city that truly resonates with the laid-back, wellness-centric spirit I aim to champion.

But my journey didn’t start here. It began several years ago, not out of pure interest but necessity. After a snowboarding accident in the rocky slopes of British Columbia left me with chronic back pain, traditional pain medications weren’t cutting it. They left me groggy, with unsettling side-effects that had me searching for a healthier, more sustainable alternative. That’s when I discovered CBD oil.

At first, diving into the world of CBD was overwhelming, as I grappled with questions about full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. The vast array of strengths and carrier oils was mind-boggling, and the lack of quality control in the market was disheartening. Still, I was determined to find the right solution for my pain management.

Danielle AvilesThis personal journey sparked not just a solution to my pain, but a passion. As I navigated the waters of CBD, I felt the need to share what I was learning, to help others skip the confusion and misinformation. Thus, My CBD Story was born.

Funny enough, I’ve always had a fascination with sloths – those gentle, slow-moving creatures that epitomize a relaxed, calm demeanor. Much like the calming, tranquil effect CBD has brought to my life. Hence, the ‘haze’ in my tagline represents that soothing sense of peace and relaxation.

Since launching My CBD Story, it has become more than just a blog; it’s a platform to educate, share my experiences, and create a trustworthy CBD community. I’ve been invited to speak at several events, and while winning awards has been a thrilling experience, the real satisfaction comes from knowing I am helping people make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

If you’re attending any upcoming CBD events, or simply want to connect over coffee, I’m more than eager to meet, discuss, and exchange knowledge about everything CBD-related. It’s always a delight to help others write their own CBD story.

Here Are The Socials: