Resolve CBD is a Canadian-based CBD company that offers a range of premium, organic CBD products. Their product line includes CBD oil, gummies, capsules, and pet products.

Due to COVID-19, they offer free shipping throughout Canada, which is usually free for orders over $99.

One of the company’s standout features is its commitment to quality and transparency. All of their products are lab tested by Canvas Labs in Canada, and the certificate of analysis (COA) is posted on their website for customers to review.

Resolve CBD

Resolve CBD only accepts credit card payments and offers wholesale options for businesses wishing to sell their products in-store.

Another unique aspect of Resolve CBD is that they use MCT oil in all their oils, and all products are vegan, except the CBD gummies.

Customers can feel confident in their purchase, knowing they receive a high-quality, organic CBD product.

If you’re in Canada and looking for a reputable CBD brand, Resolve CBD is definitely worth considering.

Resolve CBD’s Dosage Chart and CBD Products

Resolve CBD gives customers a handy dosage chart, making it easier for newcomers to navigate dosing when starting their cannabidiol journey. The chart benefits individuals new to CBD and may not be sure where to start.

ResolveCBD Dosage Chart

The brand’s approach to dosing is to “go low and slow,” gradually increasing the dose until the desired effect is achieved. One satisfied customer reports taking approximately 40mg of CBD daily but notes that individual dosage needs may differ.

It took them three months to work up to that dosage, but they found that taking less than 40mg doesn’t have the same effect, and taking more doesn’t provide any additional benefit.

The customer’s preferred method of taking CBD is through oils/tinctures, which have moderate bioavailability, start working in approximately 10-20 minutes, and have long-lasting effects. They also enjoy taking gummies and capsules at night to promote relaxation after a busy day at work.

Resolve CBD Oil

ResolveCBD CBD Oil peppermint

When it comes to flavored oils, peppermint isn’t always the first choice for some customers. However, one individual decided to take a chance on Resolve CBD’s peppermint-flavored oil and was pleasantly surprised.

The oil is made with MCT, a highly bioavailable carrier oil popular in the CBD industry. The bioavailability rate is the rate at which the body absorbs and uses CBD.

The customer immediately noticed the oil work, providing relief from stress and anxiety. In addition, they found it to be a great addition to their morning routine for relieving anxiety.

CBD oils and hemp-derived CBD products are gaining popularity as natural alternatives for chronic pain management, thanks to the potent hemp extract derived from the fibrous hemp stalks.

These organic ingredients, combined with other cannabinoids in hemp, make for a powerful synergy supporting daily pain relief.

With their mild-tasting formulations and night-time-friendly options, these natural products transform the wellness industry and empower individuals to take control of their well-being daily, making it an exciting and promising space for businesses to thrive.

While they initially purchased the 500mg bottle, the customer notes that they would opt for the 1500mg bottle in the future due to their current dose of 40mg of CBD per day. In addition, the 500mg bottle lasted for two weeks, while the 1500mg bottle lasted well over a month.

Resolve CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

Resolve CBD Full Spectrum Gummies

Resolve CBD’s Gummies are a delicious option for individuals seeking a tasty way to consume CBD. The customer notes they are firm but easy to chew, with a healthy 20mg of CBD in each gummy. In addition, the resealable packaging ensures that the gummies remain fresh and tasty even after opening.

The customer prefers taking CBD gummies at night to help with sleeping issues. They note that since peri-menopause, getting a good night’s sleep has become a real challenge, but the gummies have been a lifesaver in helping them relax and achieve restful sleep.

They highly recommend the gummies, particularly to strawberry lovers like themselves. The gummies come in packs of five, with the option to order multiple packs on the Resolve CBD website.

Resolve CBD For Pets

ResolveCBD for pets

Pet CBD is an excellent option for individuals seeking a natural solution to their pet’s aging or arthritic discomfort. While the customer did not have the opportunity to order the product due to their dog passing away two months ago, they did have a positive experience with CBD for their aging dog.

The customer’s dog, Suma, was 10 years old and had lost her sight a year ago. As Suma began to show signs of aging and discomfort when getting around, the customer decided to try CBD.

After starting her on CBD, they noticed a significant improvement in Suma’s mobility. For anyone with an aging or arthritic pet, the customer recommends exploring pet CBD’s benefits.

While they did not personally order the Pet CBD product from Resolve CBD, their positive experience with CBD for Suma speaks to the potential benefits for other pets experiencing discomfort.

High-Quality CBD Products Shipped Nationwide

Customers seeking high-quality CBD products in Canada can rejoice as Resolve CBD offers to ship nationwide.

Whether you reside in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, or Nunavut, Resolve CBD will deliver their products right to your doorstep.

The brand’s commitment to accessibility is demonstrated by its nationwide shipping policy, ensuring that all Canadians have access to its premium, organic CBD products.

Additionally, Resolve CBD offers free shipping for orders over $99, and due to COVID-19, shipping is currently free throughout Canada.

Customers can feel confident in their purchase, knowing they are receiving a product that is lab-tested by third-party labs, with certificates of analysis (COA) readily available on their website.

The brand’s dedication to transparency and customer satisfaction ensures customers receive the highest quality products.


After ordering from Resolve CBD, the customers were delighted with their experience. They noted the company’s commitment to providing relevant information about their CBD products and the great resources available on their website.

The brand’s selection of Full Spectrum CBD oil in Canada is extensive, offering customers a range of options to choose from. The customer found that all of the products on the site were affordable and accessible.

Overall, Resolve CBD is a reliable choice for individuals seeking high-quality CBD products. With a commitment to transparency, customer satisfaction, and dedication to education, compassion, and accessibility, Resolve CBD is a brand that customers can trust. The customer looks forward to seeing what new products the company will release in the future.