Factors like price, taste, ingredients, potency, lab certification, and efficacy are all important when determining the best cannabidiol (CBD) oil product in Canada for dogs. But, for a truly holistic evaluation, you should consider other elements.

The 3 Best CBD Oils for Dogs in Canada at a Glance





CBD North

THC-Free CBD Oil For Dogs

  • only pure and natural ingredients

  • taste of wild Alaskan salmon

  • relief from arthritis and joint stiffness, pain and inflammation


Pets CBD Tincture

  • organic MCT oil and 99% premium extracted CBD

  • bacon taste

  • uses MCT oil

  • quality at a low price

CBD Magic

CBD Oil For Pets

  • hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and pure organic full-spectrum CBD hemp extract

  • bacon flavoured oil

  • helps with joint aches, separation anxiety and anti-inflammatory

You should consider things like production method, brand reliability, and the quality of their customer service and support. You should also think about product safety, packaging, and shipping options. It’s smart to check out some unbiased reviews before you choose which oil to give your furry friend.

We looked at various CBD oils for every canine pet currently on the Canadian market and considered all of the above factors. Our careful research and analysis have led us to discover three clear leaders regarding the best CBD oil for dogs. Below are our findings.

CBDNorth’s CBD Oil for Dogs (With Wild Salmon & Omega 3s)

CBDNorth's CBD Oil for Dogs

Brand Overview

If you’ve ever used CBD for yourself (or your pets), you’ll likely come across the brand CBDNorth. They are a well-established and trusted player in the Canadian CBD market.

CBDNorth focuses on the basic right to access fair, affordable, high-quality healthcare for every Canadian. They aim to meet that need by providing the best all-natural CBD products at a reasonable and affordable price.

This statement is supported by their CBD Assistance Program, which provides a hefty discount of 45% to Canadian citizens in need. The qualifiable categories include firefighters, policemen, nurses, teachers, military personnel (active and veteran), students, disabled persons, low-income individuals, and seniors (65+ years). Unfortunately, this offer does not extend to our four-legged pals.

CBDNorth has positioned itself firmly in the medicinal cannabis camp. Its website has a respectable amount of information regarding its CBD products and how to use them. From a trustworthy standpoint, CBDNorth scores very high.


Unlike other companies that use artificial flavourings and preservatives in their oils, CBDNorth’s CBD Oil for Dogs uses only pure and natural ingredients in their CBD oils. This means you can feed your pets CBD, and rest assured they aren’t consuming harmful chemicals.

The ingredient list for this product is short and sweet: premium hemp extract, organic MCT oil, and wild Alaskan salmon oil. It is the only product on our list that is not bacon-flavored, but the flavor still gets rave reviews from owners of pets all over Canada.

CBDNorth only uses cannabis that is Canadian-grown in all their CBD products for both pets and people.


The price tag on our top product is a reasonable $59.99 for 500 mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle. This works out as a little under $1.20 per 10 mg of CBD.


Unsurprisingly, dogs and cats go mad for the taste of wild Alaskan salmon in this pet CBD. Candian pet owners report the animals happily lapping the oil directly from the bowl.

No need to hide the oil inside food or treats: pets love the delicious and natural salmon flavor. This makes the product extremely easy to administer. So, giving CBD oil to your cat or dog is hassle-free.


Multiple Health Benefits

Reported benefits include aging dogs having much more energy and even acting like pups again. Dogs suffering from anxiety, including foster dogs, appear calmer and more relaxed. CBDNorth’s oil also effectively relieves arthritis and stiffness and improves joint mobility, an important benefit for older dogs.

This CBD oil also relieves pain and inflammation, so it can help your canine enjoy better quality and more restful sleep.


CBDNorth’s CBD oil for pets contains no THC. This compound can be harmful to pets. The lack of THC in the product is backed up by the third-party lab report, which specifically tests for this chemical.


CBDNorth includes a “Dog CBD Dosage” section on the product page of their website. This chart details the mg per 10 lbs you should give your dog, depending on the severity of its condition.

Dogs (and cats) are affected by much smaller amounts of CBD than humans, so understanding the correct dosage is important. If you accidentally give your dog too much CBD, don’t panic. Studies have shown that it isn’t harmful unless it’s administered intravenously. Your dog will likely have a peaceful and long nap. If you are concerned about your pet, it’s always best to consult a veterinarian.

Lab Test Results

On their website, you can find the third-party laboratory test results for the CBD isolate in CBDNorth’s pet oil products. A link on the product page and a dedicated menu item that specifically leads to the lab reports for easy navigation.

Product Evaluation

  • This oil is suitable for cats, too!
  • It contains omega-3s, contributing to a shiny coat and a healthy heart and joints.
  • The ingredients are 100% natural and safe for pet consumption.
  • Orders over $99 are shipped for free to any address in Canada.
  • CBDNorth has a high trust score and provides helpful details about CBD on its website.
  • CBDNorth’s Pet CBD does not qualify for the 45% discount program.

Check the price on CBDNorth

CBD2HEAL Pets CBD Oil Tincture (Bacon Flavoured)

CBD2HEAL Pets CBD Oil Tincture

Brand Overview

CBD2HEAL was founded by an experienced chemist with over 10 years of experience working at a top research facility in Japan. Now based in Ontario, all of CBD2HEAL’s CBD products are made in Canada and are marketed as luxury items. And, it’s good news if you avoid GMOs: their oils are made from non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) mature industrial hemp stalks.

CBD2HEAL provides free shipping nationwide, with no minimum order amount, which shows its dedication to providing a convenient and affordable service to CBD users in Canada. Their easy 3-step monthly subscription program further supports this. This allows you to save 20% on all purchases and qualify for free shipping for life.

If a monthly delivery system doesn’t suit you, you can still qualify for 20% off your first order by subscribing using your email. Plus, shipping is free, anyway.


On their website, CBD2HEAL Pets CBD Oil notes the ingredients as organic MCT oil and 99% premium extracted CBD. Their tincture contains zero THC, so it’s safe for your dog to consume.

CBD2HEAL prides itself on the quality of its ingredients, which is one factor contributing to its products’ luxury status.


For a 30 ml bottle of this tincture for pets containing 500 mg CBD, the retail price is $49.99 ($39.99 if you go for the monthly subscription). At full cost, without discount, that works out as just shy of $1 per 10 mg of CBD. This makes it slightly cheaper than our #1 pick.


Dogs love the bacon taste of this product which makes for easy administration. They seem to have no trouble taking the oil directly from a spoon or the dropper, so there’s usually no need to hide this medicine in treats or food.


Convenient Subscription

The other CBD products in this list require you to place an individual order whenever you wish. It’s not the end of the world, but to have that hassle taken away is a bonus. CBD2HEAL had the consumer in mind when they created their subscription service, which handily delivers your order to your door once a month.

The subscription option isn’t purely for convenience, either. You save 20% and get free shipping, too. Considering this discount, the cost per 10 mg is just under $0.80.

CBD2HEAL Pets CBD Tincture is an affordable option for those looking for quality at a low price.

100% THC Free

This oil for dogs is completely void of THC, which is good news for your pets. The isolate used in this CBD product is 99% pure, so you can have peace of mind that your dog gets the relaxing benefits of cannabidiol without a high.


CBD2HEAL prides itself on its product dosage consistency. Their Pets CBD Oil Tincture comes in three dosage sizes, labeled to be for different-sized dogs.

All bottles come in 30 mg sizes; the dosages available are 150 mg, 250 mg, and 500 mg. The smallest dosage is for small pets, 250 mg is for medium-sized pets, and the largest is for medium-sized pets with severe health conditions.

Lab Test Results

This CBD oil tincture has been third-party lab tested, and a link to the recently dated report form is available on the product page. As promised, it shows the CBD isolate to be 99% pure.

Product Evaluation

  • Dogs love the tasty bacon flavour.
  • The ingredients are high-quality: organic and non-GMO.
  • Fantastic healing properties reported from pet owners.
  • Multiple potencies for different-sized animals.
  • CBD2HEAL only provides a dosage guide for humans, not dogs.
  • Unclear as to whether the bacon flavor is artificial or natural as it’s not on the ingredients list.
  • No product is available for large dogs, nor instructions about how to dose your animal correctly.

Check the price on CBD2HEAL

Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil For Pets by CBDMagic

Full Spectrum CBD Oil for Dogs

Brand Overview

The sister company to CBD2HEAL, CBDMagic, claims to be Canada’s most trusted source of CBD oil. With 50+ years of combined experience in the chemistry and customer service industries, you can see why.

CBDMagic has 3 primary goals: to make the best Canadian CBD products, provide amazing customer service, and perfect the delivery experience. They certainly have the stats to back up their mission. With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, customer support provided all year round (the full 365 days), and a 99% third-party rating on Google Reviews, CBDMagic has built a very trustworthy brand.

The range of products they have on offer is impressive, too. CBD isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD oil are all on the menu here. Their shop’s variety is impressive, from CBD creams to edibles and capsules to vapes.


The CBDMagic Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs uses hemp seed oil, MCT oil, and pure organic full-spectrum CBD hemp extract.

The full-spectrum hemp oil is what sets this product apart from the rest. CBDMagic’s CBD oil for dogs contains other cannabinoids besides CBD, which work together to provide more benefits to your beloved pet.

This CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC and has been formatted by CBD experts, so you can rest easy that it is safe for your canine to consume.


At $59.99 for a 30 ml bottle containing 500 mg of CBD, this product is the same price as the #1 CBD oil for dogs from CBDNorth. The cost per 10 mg of CBD equals $1.20.

The main difference is that you get a full-spectrum product for the same price.


Dogs love bacon, so the experts at CBDMagic have opted for a tasty bacon-flavored oil. This will cover any earthy or planty taste often associated with cannabis products.


Entourage Effect

The obvious highlight of CBDMagic’s CBD oil for dogs is that it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system in your dog’s body can take advantage of the wide range of terpenes, flavonoids, and compounds and reap all the benefits of the entourage effect.

As the various cannabinoids enhance and complement each other, this could spell better efficacy in terms of treatment for your canine. This CBD oil is used to help with joint aches, joint pain, and separation anxiety and as an anti-inflammatory for many dogs Canada-wide.

Reliable Company

CBDMagic is a well-known name in the CBD community and has a stellar reputation across Canada. Integrity is one of their core founding values, and they live up to it, too.

They have glowing 5-star reviews across multiple third-party platforms and on their product pages within the CBDMagic site.

When purchasing CBD oil, you want to be sure that extensive research has gone into your product. As a pet owner, the well-being of your furry friend is your responsibility. This dog CBD oil producer ticks all the boxes regarding experience, quality, and service.


While this company does provide a cannabidiol breakdown upon dosage chart on the product page, there is no further information about how much CBD you should be giving your pet according to size and condition.

One single drop of this oil contains 0.55mg CBD. Therefore, one full dropper equals 30 drops, which is roughly 1 ml and contains 16.66 mg CBD.

Lab Test Results

All reputable companies should provide verified third-party lab testing for their products, and CBDMagic is no different from other brands in this sense.

Their 2021 COA lab report and mandatory pesticide testing report from 2020 are available on the product page.

Product Evaluation

  • There’s a subscription plan to make your CBD purchasing experience even more wallet-friendly and convenient (the same as CBD2HEAL).
  • It’s a full-spectrum oil to maximize the potential benefits for your pet.
  • This is an easy-to-administer CBD oil, thanks to the rich bacon flavor.
  • There is no indication of dosage past the CBD per dropper measurements.
  • This oil is available in only one strength and flavor.

Check the price on CBDMagic

Pet Owners: Things to Consider Before Giving Your Dog a CBD Oil Product

Woman giving CBD oil to her dog

Before you buy CBD oil for dogs, you need to know what to look out for. It’s a different experience than if you were dosing yourself, and your pet can’t talk to let you know what they want. It’s best to consider the following aspects when deciding which CBD oil is right.

Third-Party Testing

Safety is paramount in any medicine, supplement, or treatment, whether it’s for humans or dogs. Don’t just trust a label that tells you a product contains pure CBD oil. Any respectable company in this space should be able to provide you with a third-party lab certificate of analysis to show you exactly what CBD oil contains.

Bottom Line: Always ensure that your CBD product is lab-tested by an unbiased entity.

Origins of Hemp

Naturally, the best CBD oil has organic ingredients, including organic hemp. Companies that source their help locally are great since Canada has fairly strict rules and checks regarding the manufacturing process.

This is why all three of our top choices are Canadian companies that source their hemp here in Canada. Aside from quality assurance, this also means that you are supporting local farmers and local businesses.


It makes sense that the quality of its ingredients decides the overall quality of a product.

CBD oil for dogs contains other ingredients than just hemp oil, and our pets’ small bodies can react differently than ours. So, we need to keep a close eye on what goes into the products that we feed to our animals for a matter of their safety as well as their enjoyment.

We are particularly impressed by CBDNorth’s pure, Canadian, and all-natural ingredients, which is one of the reasons why they top our list.

Steer clear of CBD products with artificial additives, such as artificial flavors, as they could contain chemicals that are harmful to pets, especially if used over a long period.


Giving your pet the correct CBD dose is vital for the product to be effective and worthwhile. The CBD product’s potency will determine the amount of product you need to administer to get the right dose.

Your pet is unique, and you should consider their specific requirements when calculating how much CBD oil to give them. For example, medium-sized dogs will require a larger dose than small dogs. It also depends on the condition for which you are treating the animal.

CBD oil can provide pain relief for severe pain and chronic pain and relieve anxiety in dogs that dislike car rides, for example. These situations call for different dosing strategies.

You should always consult with your vet to be on the safe side, as they know your animal and your circumstances and can provide professional advice. This is the best way to get the most from CBD oil usage.

Type of CBD Oil

When comparing CBD oil for dogs, Canada has both full-spectrum and isolate CBD products.

While THC can be harmful to animals, CBD oil for dogs (Canada CBD products especially) contains only trace amounts. Less than 0.3% concentration should cause your dog no harm and bring more benefits.

The effect caused by multiple compounds working together in hemp oil needs to be explored. Further, initial research shows that this type of CBD oil could be more effective.

Which is The Best CBD Oil for Your Dog?

Luckily, when looking for CBD oil for dogs, Canada offers some fantastic choices. All three of our top picks are viable options. They are all independently lab-tested and should meet various dogs’ CBD needs safely and effectively.

If organic ingredients (including organic hemp) are your priority, you may find CBDNorth’s oil the most fitting. Or, when looking for convenience over anything else, you could opt for CBD2HEAL’s pure CBD oil that comes with a subscription. Alternatively, number 3 on our list presents the opportunity to purchase hemp seed oil from an outlet offering many other CBD oils and cannabidiol products in the same place.