Our Mission

At My CBD Story, our mission is to provide accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date information about CBD products.

We strive to be your trusted source for recommendations and reviews, helping you make informed decisions that best suit your unique needs and preferences.

Our Principles

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We value your trust and are committed to maintaining our work’s highest standards of fairness, independence, and accuracy. This editorial policy outlines the principles and guidelines we adhere to:


We’re able to keep our freedom by always covering our costs. We do not provide preferential consideration to advertisers or special interests, and we do not accept money or favors from companies in exchange for reviewing their products.

Our suggestions are made after carefully weighing the product’s quality and how well it fits our target market’s needs.


We maintain a wall between our editorial decisions and our business dealings. No one on our staff is aware of any financial ties before making their selections, and the company’s business side has no say in how the writers are evaluated. There is no outside influence or bias in our suggestions.


We prioritize accuracy by working with qualified sources and experts in the field. In addition, we thoroughly research the topics we cover, citing credible sources and conducting extensive testing and analysis.

As soon as readers bring any errors, inaccuracies, or misrepresentations to our attention, we look into them openly and make the necessary corrections. Please let us know if there are any mistakes in our work.


While we do take into account the reviews and suggestions of reputable competitors, we ultimately base our suggestions on our evaluations.

We combine our assessments with authoritative opinions from contributors and industry experts to provide unique and original insights.


We deeply consider a product’s raison d’ĂȘtre and evaluate its key attributes, such as sustainability, size, ease of use, and affordability.

Our evaluations are thoughtfully conducted before, during, and after the testing process to provide comprehensive and thoughtful assessments.

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We conduct extensive research, testing, and analysis to ensure our readers fully understand the topics we cover.

We distill this information into detailed and accessible guides and recommendations, providing a comprehensive overview of each product’s features, benefits, and limitations.


We design assessments that consider both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the product under consideration.

Our assessments are based on empirical data and insights gained from rigorous testing and analysis.


We remain skeptical of marketing pitches, trends, and exaggerated claims. Instead, we focus on highlighting what is truly important and relevant to our readers, ensuring that our recommendations are grounded in reality.


While we strive for objectivity, we acknowledge the importance of subjective considerations such as personal preference and user experience.

We make a clear distinction between objective evaluations and subjective opinions, presenting both in our reviews with clarity.


We are committed to serving and respecting every individual, regardless of age, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, relationship status, physical and mental abilities, or family type. Therefore, our content is designed to be inclusive and represent diverse perspectives.

Conflict of Interest-Free

No financial or other interests prevent us from recommending or reviewing a product. No one who has a financial or other stake in the outcome of an article or review is allowed to submit it to us.

This includes receiving compensation or sponsorship from manufacturers, agencies, or representatives of the products we review.


All researchers, writers, and editors at My CBD Story are required to uphold these principles and adhere to our editorial guidelines. In addition, they are responsible for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest.

Our Process

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We follow a comprehensive process to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our recommendations:


Our writers conduct a thorough research by exploring various sources, including major retailers, publications, enthusiast groups, and forums. When possible, we try to use reputable Canadian companies as our sources.


We filter the initial list of promising products based on criteria such as high ratings, wide availability in Canada at stable prices, and a positive reputation with the subject matter and industry experts.

Data Collection

We collect and analyze thousands of consumer, reviewer, and expert experiences. This includes consumer ratings and reviews, professional ratings and reviews, product features and pricing, discussions on forums and discussion boards, interviews with industry experts, surveys of opinions, and comments and reviews from our readers.


We develop an evaluation plan outlining the most relevant product specifications, features, and criteria during selection.

We assign a weight to each category and subcategory based on their importance in our assessment.


We acquire the products ourselves and subject them to detailed, hands-on testing whenever feasible.

Our reviewers assess each product based on the most important features and criteria identified during the analysis stage.

We offer impartial ratings for each product based on its performance in various criteria.


Our evaluation criteria are based on a weighted average of expert and user reviews from external, reputable sources.

We utilize a five-star scale to determine how a product compares to others in its segment, considering whether it offers the consumer less than, the same as, or more than its competitors.


We compile the final list of recommended products for each buyer persona or use case, explaining why they were chosen and providing in-depth reviews.

Guides result from a team effort by a wide range of subject matter experts who work together to guarantee that they are reliable, accurate, easily digestible, helpful, and consistent with our editorial guidelines.


To guarantee that our recommendations are always current, accessible, and correct, our editorial team routinely reviews all of our guides.

This necessitates constant monitoring of new releases, stock levels, and availability of alternative models.

We update or rewrite, check, and revise our guidelines from scratch if necessary. Articles that have had their content modified are given a new publish date.


While we strive for accuracy, we acknowledge that errors can occur. We are committed to transparency and promptly address any mistakes or inaccuracies brought to our attention. We encourage readers to contact us to report possible errors.

Our Team

Our team of writers and editors is second to none, and they are experts in the fields they write about.

We have staff members handpicked for their expertise and ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.

When building a team, it’s important to prioritize those with relevant work experience.

Responding to Readers

We value open communication with our readers and are genuinely interested in their feedback and concerns.

As a company made up of real people, we are here to support and assist our audience whenever needed.


We’re realistic enough to know that we can always do better. Feel free to contact the editorial staff with any inquiries, feedback, or thoughts you may have.