Buy Mellow, the hippest CBD company straight out of Vancouver, BC, eh! These actual blue Canucks have it all – from Full Spectrum and THC-free CBD oils to CBD topicals and even rare gems like CBG, CBN, and CBC. Talk about scoring the holy trinity of cannabinoids! We’ve covered them in a detailed review previously, but this time we’re back with the savings.

There’s more! Shipping is faster than a Mountie on horseback, and if you can spend over $120, it’s on the house, eh? They’ve cracked the promo codes to be the true heroes of saving your loonies.

But wait, there’s an extra stick handle to this deal! With their “Bundle & Save” option, you can score a hat trick of coupon code discounts. The more you buy, the more they shave off your bill – up to 25% off! It’s like finding a hidden treasure trove of savings.

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What To Anticipate While Buying From BuyMellow?

Mellow facilitates the ordering of CBD and accepts payment by E-transfer or credit card. Using Canada Post’s express mail service, BuyMellow can quickly deliver orders nationwide.

Delivery of the sample pack I was given to review took the usual three days. Under $120, shipping is free via standard post or $10 by express post to most of Canada (a bit more to the far east or north).

How To Apply the BuyMellow Coupon Code?

Buymellow website

Here are a few steps to use a valid BuyMellow coupon code:

Step 1

Discover a working promo coupon code here on the Buymellow website. Take a moment to browse the Buymellow website and find a promo coupon code that suits your shopping needs well. Once you find one, make sure to copy it from the checkout site.

Step 2

Visit the official Buymellow website and choose your CBD & vape products. Head over to the Buymellow official website and explore the wide range of CBD and Vape products available. Select your favorite items and add them to your cart.

Step 3

Proceed to the checkout page and find the coupon codes dialogue box. Once you have added all your desired products to the cart, proceed to the checkout page. Look for the coupon code dialogue box, which is where you’ll be able to apply your valid coupons.

Step 4

Apply the promo coupon code and enjoy the savings. Paste the promo codes you copied into the designated coupon code dialogue box.

After pasting the promo code in, click on the apply button. Voila! You’ll see the complete list of Buymellow coupons and discounts applied to your total amount.

Step 5

Complete the payment and enjoy your discounted purchase. With the promo code successfully applied, you’re all set to proceed with the payment.

Pay the remaining amount after the discount code has been applied, checkout, and know you’ve saved money on your Buymellow purchase.

Tips For Maximizing Your Savings On Cannabis And Vape Purchases

tips for maximizing coupon codes

Get In On The Seasonal Discounts!

Buymellow commemorates numerous annual events by providing huge discounts to their customers. During these sales events, customers can get various brands of CBD products at a reduced price.

Unlock incredible discounts and savings on a wide range of CBD products by using our CBD Coupon Code, making your wellness journey more affordable and accessible.

Signing Up For Newsletters

One of the best tips for purchasing is to sign up for a subscription. Subscribers will be the first to know about the deal and promo code to code and will receive a discount CBD coupon code good for savings of up to 20% off their next purchase.

Buying In Masses

Buying in bulk can be useful if you’re trying to cut costs. At companies such as Buymellow, you may save money on every purchase or deal you make by buying in bulk and trying promo codes.

Join A Loyalty Program Today!

Customers of banks can earn reward points with every single transaction. That point is redeemable for monetary benefit, bonus, promo code, or other perks. Looking for a promo code? Check out Buymellow’s website for the latest site-wide deals and discounts.

My Buymellow CBD Coupon Code Didn’t Work. What Can I Do?

There may be restrictions or criteria associated with specific coupon codes. To see the limitations of this promo code, please click the “view restrictions” link below the coupon code. If you don’t see a discount after trying one of the BuyMellow coupon codes again, try another one. Don’t miss out on the special CBD coupon code available for a limited time on Buymellow’s online store.

How Often Does Buymellow CBD Offer Online Coupon Codes?

Coupon code is issued by Buy Mellow CBD somewhat less frequently than those on competing services. Check their website often to see the most up-to-date BuyMellow CBD coupon code. Take advantage of the many discounts on Buymellow coupons and save on your CBD purchases with a valid coupon code.

Can I Use The Same Coupon Code For Multiple Orders?

I’d need to double-check the Buymellow policy terms for Coupon Code. Brands might be picky about whether you can use the same Coupon Code for several items.

It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with the coupon code to determine if it is valid coupons that can be used for multiple purchases.

Does Buymellow Coupon Code Available In The Store Come With an Expiration Date?

Every Buymellow Coupon Code expires, and you can only use it to get a discount until that day. Coupon codes typically have expiration dates, meaning they can only be used to receive the discount until a specific day.

Once the expiry date has passed, the coupon code is no longer valid for use. It’s important to check the terms and conditions or any accompanying information provided with the coupon code to determine the exact expiration date and any other restrictions that may apply.

How Many Buymellow Coupon Codes Can You Apply For Single Order?

For each product, you may apply one Buymellow coupon code. You’ll need to buy a second item to redeem a second coupon code. Select multiple Buymellow coupons to maximize savings on larger orders. Get the best value for your money using a CBD coupon code when ordering from Buymellow’s wide range of products.


In conclusion, Buymellow coupon codes are a fantastic way to enhance your shopping experience and discount high-quality products. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide to CBD coupon codes, you can easily apply the coupon code during checkout to unlock exclusive discounts and avail yourself of other special offers.

Use Buymellow coupon codes today to save money and embark on a rewarding and cost-effective shopping journey. Don’t forget to apply the coupon code at checkout to enjoy a discount on your purchase. Happy saving!